The Best Dog Food | Dog Food Advisor

The Best Dog Food | Dog Food Advisor

Providing the best dog food for your pups is definitely very critical. If you are under a very tight budget nowadays, you’ll realize that low-cost food is just not the same as the “real food”. The best nutrition for your dog is really important since quality food could help them strong, healthy and happy. With all these combined, you can surely notice a big difference in your dog’s appearance and behavior.

Understanding the Best Dog Food 

If the labels describe your dog food as “natural,” “holistic,” “healthy” or “the premium way of life,” it could make your dog fatter. To avoid this, try giving your best friend something “lite” and “organic” instead. However, dog foods are usually made out of junk, which is why you should better give your little pooch the “human grade” variety.

Nowadays, it is hard to rely on the commercials and the label to know if the food that you are feeding to your dog is safe. Dog lovers should now be vigilant to know the real best dog food is, and what dog food brands to avoid (dog food recall ).

The Best Dog Food Should Always Be About Nutrition:

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What exactly does your pet get from a good and balanced diet? Here is a list of guidelines to check if your latest food choice is the best for your best friend’s nutrition:

  • A healthy skin that gets well quickly and has a good smell
  • A durable, full fur that can adapt well to weather changes and can guard against any diseases (dog food heart disease)
  • Flexible, strong bones that don’t easily break or endure premature aging
  • Good food creates lesser poop since it provides more nutrition and fewer wastes
  • Generally lesser health problems, which could also lessen your medical care costs 
  • More energy, sharper mind, and better stable moods
  • Healthier digestive system
  • Attentive, faultless, deep eyes with no signs of clouding
  • Flab-less muscles
  • An over-all happy feeling and a regular appetite



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However, you have to exert more effort to be able to achieve all these for your fluffy friend. You definitely have to pick to get the most nutritional food in the market. If you failed to do so, this is a list of things that could show if the food is not suitable for your dog:

  • Smelly breath or throwing up after eating
  • The defenseless immune system, which increases the risk of infections and diseases
  • Dysfunction of the liver
  • Problems in other organs and the bones 
  • Sluggish activities, showing no interest in playing or an unmanageable hyperactivity
  • Intestinal upset, which could manifest as recurrent diarrhea and smelly dog farts
  • Shedding hair that doesn’t shine
  • Abnormal seizures and other signs of epilepsy
  • Dog diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Slowed physical development
  • Other worst conditions (allergy symptoms,  aggression, heart problems..)

Giving your dog the best food is definitely not like giving him or her cookies or treats. Good dog nutrition is very serious since this is really about your dog’s health.

Weighing The Best Food Market: 

Dog Food Market


Let us make a better look at the most important selection in feeding your dog.

  1. Commercial dog food: This type of dog food is the most common choice. Numerous varieties and brands normally offer a large amount of “formulas” that cater to varied doggie lifestyles. This type usually comes in different qualities, and choices of dry, wet, or semi-dry food.
  2. Raw dog food: all dog species used to live as wild hunters, it means their bodies used to eat freshly-killed meat. Nowadays, a good number of people start to believe that raw food is the best choice for their dog. (raw dog food benefits and recipes)
  3. Homemade dog food: This type allows the dog owners to create food at home. Each owner could prepare something for their prized pet using anything in the kitchen. (homemade dog food recipes)

There will always be the advantages and disadvantages of all these types of best dog food.

The Bad Side of the Bad Commercial Food:

To be able to manufacture dog food in the cheapest possible way, almost all of the big dog food companies do not bother to include high nutritional value to their products. So, what’s really inside those cans of dog food aside from nutrition? Definitely, most of it is garbage. However, some are worse than the others.


You see, the cheaper dog food could mean more harm to your pet. Here are some of the things that you would definitely don’t want to know about the cheaper commercial dog food:

  1. Diseased animal parts
  2. Grains, as well as the pesticides and other inorganic chemicals that are used to grow them
  3. Chemicals utilized for euthanizing dogs and cats
  4. Unhygienic “gunk” and other waste products that gets into the food production machines
  5. Chemicals used for flavoring, which are the same as the addictive flavor chemicals that are also present in human fast food

That is why when you are faced with the dilemma of choosing between two products in the grocery, simply remember the above list and always keep in mind that cheaper products could do no good to your favorite pet.

Also, remember that the usual marketing company does not really give a damn about your dog’s well-being. The health of your fluffy dog is all up to you.

Several researchers had published excellent studies that uncover the elusive truth regarding the available commercial dog food in the market. Several points in the researches will probably scare and disgust you, yet knowing these things will help put your mind at ease.

Using Raw Dog Food

Raw Food of dogs


Raw dog food is believed by most dog lovers as the natural choice for their dogs. You can prepare it by yourself (raw dog food homemade), purchase a pre-packed version or buy it at your local butchery. Nowadays, raw dog food is becoming more popular among most dog owners.

There is a simple idea behind raw dog food. The dogs originally kill and eat other smaller animals in the in their natural habitat. Naturally, the digestive system of a dog is usually fit for raw bone, internal organs, and meat consumption. Other than that, the stomach contents of their prey that are incompletely digested, such as fruits and vegetables, would supplement the diet of wild dogs.

Since dog food sellers understand that not everyone can fully accept that idea, they occasionally classify this product as an “all-natural” type of dog food, the concentration of the notion that they offer no additives, chemical preservatives or fillers. However, it may also be essentially the same thing.

To further understand the raw type of food for a dog, a list is provided below:

  • The birds, mammals, and fish that you have captured or killed yourself and prepared for your dog’s consumption.
  • Inexpensive cuts of animal protein and bones purchased bought at your local butcher.
  • Pre-packed, vacuum-packaged raw dog food that you can order through mail or see at some specialty pet stores.

Always put in mind that dogs were natural hunters, making it normal for them to eat a wide selection of food. The good bacteria-infused yogurt contains helps not only your digestive health but also in dogs as well. Eggs are also composed of mostly protein. You may also perceive fruits and vegetables as “rabbit food,” yet a rabbit is also one of the most common dog foods in the wild, including its stomach.

Those who swear by using raw dog food could often proclaim that this type of diet has limitless advantages. Some of which are longer lives, successful breeding results, over-all good health as well as better strength. On the other hand, those people who do not agree with this type of choice of the best dog food could attest that there will be an amplified danger of food-borne diseases. They are also concerned that most dog owners do not qualify as effective dog nutritionists.

If you would like to try this approach of dog feeding, you have to do extensive research beforehand. Look for a certified dog breeder, discuss it with your trusted veterinarian, and directly observe the behavior of dogs after trying this type of regimen. Overall, the raw dog food diet can be the “next big thing” in the nutrition of your dog, or it could be just a trend. However, we are still at a point where it is really premature to assume.

Serving Homemade Dog Food



Naturally, both commercial dog food and raw dog food have one common thing. You simply have no idea where this food really originated. Of course, you cannot scrutinize its production plant. You will never have full control over it, not unless you made it yourself.

This concern made the homemade dog food alternative become more popular in these days. More and more people are trying to learn a wide choice of the best dog food making the procedure and cook them at their own kitchens, where they can be assured of the quality of the food that they are feeding to their dog.

This best dog food option would be very ideal for you if you have extra time to create home-cooked dog meals, and if you are already an expert in providing an excellent balanced diet for human as well. Yet, it is very vital that you realize that it will be a great responsibility to be in full control of the diet of your dog. It simply means that you should really have the best idea that you are doing, since you may take away some of the most essential needs of your pet. Worst, you may jeopardize the health of your dog if you won’t do it properly.

For further instructions on how to prepare the best dog food at home, visit the sites that are absolutely devoted to providing the most nutritious homemade dog food techniques. These sites may also provide information for dog owners about the proper nutritional balances.


The Main Thing to Consider Regarding the Best Food of your dog:

Whatever diet regimen you choose for your most beloved dog, always remember to be vigilant in knowing what the pros and cons of your choice of the best dog food that you are giving him or her. Also, never forget to consult your veterinarian first before following a diet for your dog. Not only will it make your life so much easier by not worrying about the welfare of your furry friend, but it will also make him or her happier and nourished as well.

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