Dog Weight Loss | Causes and Chart

Maintaining a healthy weight in your dog is very important. Obesity is a serious health problem and causes many underlying health conditions. The main associated problems include diabetes, heart disease (which can eventually lead to heart failure), arthritis and diabetes.

How Much Should My Dog Weight

Many owners are not willing to admit their dog is overweight however it is important that it is recognized. So it can be addressed. As in humans, a reduction in their food and calorie intake and an increase in exercise can help your dog lose the excess weight and improve their overall health and health disorders.

There are many foods designed to contain low-calorie content for overweight dogs. Many brands offer an obesity management diet, which contains a low fiber, high protein and controlled calorie content for effective weight loss. However, it is important that you follow the recommended feeding guideline (Chart) as you do not want to overfeed your dog. This diet food can be found at (dog food advisors).

Dog Weight

Overweight Dog:

If your dog is seriously overweight it is important that you seek medical advice from your vet before switching your dog to a drastically different diet.

Dog treats can still be fed to overweight dogs but ensure you feed low calorie treats and in moderation. It is also very important that you do not feed your dog human food and snacks as the calories contained are a much higher percentage of your dog’s daily calorie allowance compared to yours.

Once your dog has reached a normal weight ensure you feed your dog a type of pet food that is designed for their life stages. Such as adult or senior, as calorie requirements vary greatly during these times and can encourage weight gain if not fed correctly.

Helping your dog lose weight is easier than you think. Just remember to feed a low-calorie food, only feed low fat treats on occasion and exercise your dog frequently.


Best Food For Dog Weight Loss (Premium Dog Food)

Dog food has experienced some great advances in recent years. Not only has it’s nutritional content improved but the food appears to have had a make-over that makes it more eye appealing to your pet. The research shows that a variation in foods can cause a detrimental effect on your dog’s health. So it is vital that when you chose what your dog will be dining on it achieves optimal health by providing; antioxidants to help boost the immune system, manages and controls joint and muscular issues and helps improve the aging process.

Dried food is on to a winner, which fed inaccurate proportions can provide a complete diet for your dog. several brands are a leading provider in dried dog food especially their Prescription Diet canine, which accommodates all a dog, could want by addressing; the ease of aching joints and muscles, the EPA (an omega-3 fatty acid), glucosamine, and chondroitin an L-Carnitine will all assist in the provision of a better quality life.

Best Food

Premium Dog Food Brands:

Royal Canin is yet another top provider that is aware of how important valuable nutrition is to your pet. Their newest development is the dried dog food for the overweight dog that supports exercise, endurance, and performance. For active dogs without the carbohydrate intake. Royal Canin supplies a range of dog food that will benefit an array of dietary requirements. And is one of several brands that provide a prescription diet to aid in the control of illness.

Although these respected top brands will only aid in the health and life of your pet. It is vital that regular health checks at the vets are made and that a specific diet is prescribed before enduring a diet change. (dog food brands to avoid)

As much as it would be great to change our pet’s diet for the good straight away, it is important to realize that a sudden change can do more harm than good. So by gradually introducing the new food into the original over a period of ten days will see your pet accommodate and digest a lot better.


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