Dog Obedience Training

Dog Obedience Training | basics and Tools

Utilitarian dog training has always been one of the most important aspects of raising a dog and of the life of humans and dogs together. Starting with dog’s abilities on one side and human demands on the other, almost four hundred breeds exist so far. For a long period, work and training abilities have been the main criteria for dog selection. Esthetic criteria of selection have appeared later, as the first canine beauty contests started to develop.

Dog Obedience Training

Starting a training program, beyond your pride and passion to have a well-trained dog, a friend, or a trustworthy help, training will make your dog’s life more beautiful, and it will also give you the possibility of being rewarded and happy too. This happens because an educated dog imposes fewer restrictions and will have more freedom and trust from you. A trained dog will accompany you shopping, waiting civilized in front of the store, will be left free in the park or playground, and will be able to accompany you on your vacation without any problems.

Establishing a communication channel, mutual understanding, and respect between the dog and the owner is the main target of training dogs for company. It is a subtle but efficient method to prove your dominance and your authority as ‘the leader of the pack’. If the situation that your dog does not respect you as the leader happens, you will definitely face many problems, especially if the dog has an independent nature or if the dog’ personality tends to be ruled by dominance.

In the absence of proper socialization and suitable training for your dog, the cute little puppy you adopted in your family can become a burden. It can reach the point of suffering from behavior deviation like separation anxiety, excessive barking, destructive behavior, fear of separation, or uncontrolled aggressiveness, making the trainer’s task a lot harder, increasing recovery time, and can lead to the situation where the disorders can get chronically.

Basic dog training:

The training sessions will provide you and your dog extra self-confidence will initiate you in the knowledge of canine psychology, will also increase physical and psychological endurance of your dog, and of course, it will have prevention role in avoiding behavior issues. It will also establish a communication channel and a language that your companion is able to understand. Proper socialization and education of your dog are essential. They involve affection, time, financial resources, and the desire to learn how to communicate with your best friend.

If you have no desire to or you cannot respect the conditions, do not rush in buying a dog just because the dog is cute, because of it fashionable or just for your personal satisfaction. The dog does not deserve that. Training methods are purely motivational and differ depending on the breed of the dog, training type and the personality of your dog.

Training your dog for contests and expositions imply a special life, food, and training program, as well as the owner’s direct implication ever since the first work sessions, because that has an important weight in scoring final points for your dog.

Dog Obedience Training

Dog Training Equipment

History of first dog training center establishment dates back to 1927 when an American woman living then in Switzerland who discovered a dog training school and wrote an article on it which was published in the Saturday Evening Post. Thus the first seeing-eye dogs’ school was established in Potsdam, Germany.

It is strongly advisable to ensure that your training goal is clearly determined before you move to the next step of purchasing the right kind of equipment required to achieve effective results after training ends. For example, training a household pet does not require a skilled trainer or complex equipment. But to train the dog for a K-9 attack dog or seeing-eye dog certainly requires special equipment and training skills. For basic training, one only needs a simple collar and a leash.

It has been observed in many cases that the majority of dog owners do not seem to care about this aspect and are more inclined to buy fancy visually appealing collars than the ones specifically required for training purpose. This often results adversely and dog owners often appear a bit discouraged at the initial stage.

If one has taken a decision on training a dog, they should always remember that’s it’s a time-tested belief that amongst all animals, dogs have proved themselves through their high leveled loyalty towards human beings. They are certainly very amazing and versatile in many ways.  At any stage, in order to keep our training spirits high, we need to always remember the two highly specialized trained dogs for drug-sniffing and seeing-eye. They are the best examples to remain motivated and continue training session in a planned manner.

kind of equipment required:

We strongly recommend that gentlest of all collars be selected amongst many varieties of simple snap-on collars to sophisticated electric collars as this will greatly help in accomplishing basic training requirements. It is imperative to mention here that collars like choke and prong prove highly hazardous to the dogs and cause great hindrance in the training sessions and desired results tend to far from achieving. These collars are specifically meant to be used by experienced trainers. Similar suggestions are made for the selection of a proper leash as all these simple stuff will make a connection between and your dog and best selections will pay you off through best results eventually.

One must keep in mind that every dog varies for different pieces of training and our training goals must be defined accordingly. For complex trainings, equipment is generally not available at local pet shops and need to be either purchased from select shops or ordered from firms dealing in advanced dog training aids.

A few pieces of equipment of this complex type are bite sleeves and harnesses. If intending to conduct advanced attack training or and extraordinary aggressive dogs, personal protective gears may also be required.



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Dog Basics for Newbies


It is advisable for a properly trained dog one must get the best available equipment

The training is an ongoing thing and these types of equipment will always prove worthy as dogs and dogs will change. A dog understands all human actions and responds accordingly; therefore an element of reward and trust should always be kept in mind during the dog training sessions. For this purpose, various kinds of toys and treats could also prove useful as training equipment. Popular items are a tug and bite toys which not only provide good exercise opportunity for the dogs but also prove rewarding and reinforcing good behavior.

Many other types of equipment like a clicker, grooming, new puppy, obedience, Schutzhund, small dog, tracking/S&R and whelping, are easily available in the market and can be purchased at nominal prices. Training material is also available to those who would like to train themselves before that take up the task of moving on with a dog training idea.


House Training a Dog – How To Potty Train a Puppy?

Every dog has a period in his life when he crunches something or when he or she destructs personal objects and other things, which they find in the house. This is the first dog category: the crunchers. To the puppies, this is a normal thing because they change their teeth and they need to crunch something. If they do not have anything to crunch, a toy, or something else, their first option is our shoes or our clothes. Normally, when the teeth are changed, this problem disappears, but they can continue this operation because they feel stressed. The stress causes can be:

-the leaving or the arrival of his master
-the excess of love
-the absence of the authority of the master
-if he is bored
-the changes in his habitual activities
-the punish of the dog by sending/closing him alone in another room
-changes in his food time
-the masters are violent with them


Do not forget that if you want results, when the dog does something bad, you must correct him very fast, at that moment or the next one, no later. If you will correct him later, he will think that this is your attitude generally, not that he had done something bad earlier. The habit of crunching something is a problem sometimes because he can provoke a little accident or he can hurt himself.

If you want to correct his comportment, you must do this systematically. First, you have to identify the cause of why the dog does this, and then you must show him how the boss here is. After this, you must learn him a lot of commends like sit, roll over, dead or many of other things, which will help to keep the master in touch with his dog. You should work like this 2-3 times one day. When you go out with him, or when he listens, you must say him that his attitude is a good one, you have to tell him ”bravo” and you have to give him something good to eat.

Caring For Your Dog:

When he stays home alone, you must leave him water, food, and toys, because if he is bored, he will begin to crunch everything, but if he has toys, this will not be a problem. When you leave, do not give him a lot of attention, because he will feel stressed and he will be sad. This rule is an alternative also when you came back home, you must let him calm down and after that, you can speak with him and pay him attention, but only when he is calm.

So, you must feed him, brush his fur and go out with him every day, you must go to the vet and you must pay a lot of attention to his health, if you notice something strange or if you  think that something is wrong, go to the vet because he is the only one who can help him. You don’t have to spend huge sums of money on training your dog as long as you are able to do it yourself and you love your dog!

Potty Train a Puppy

Dog Training School – Training Classes

Having a pet especially a dog is most common in many developed societies, but the most pathetic part is training it. Not to bother anyway, there are good Dog Training Schools in almost every good city where the expert trainers extend all possible cooperation for training your dog. The dog’s characters are actually very different for every breed and it may just not be possible for the owner to choose the precise method of its training.

The specific dog training schools have certain characterizations based on the techniques that the instructors use. Here the instructor would educate you about training your dog but it’s all up to you that how much you wish to know and experiment it on your dog. The other category of Dog Training Schools is where the trainer himself takes the pain of educating your dog directly. Even the services of the behavior consultants are available for those who are not willing to go to the dog training schools of and on. Such consultants are expert so far the fundamental issues related to training the dog are concerned.

Dog Trainer Classes:

You may very well be guided about various hurdles and problems that may arise during any dog training schedules. A couple of organizations are there that prepare the consultants for the dog training schools like National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors and the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. If so wished, you can select the consultant having authentic certification from either of these organizations. But it is rather advisable to gather maximum information about the dog training school or the instructor or consultant you choose to train your dog.

You can even inquire with your relatives and neighbors who have dogs about the trainer, all the pros and cons related to the dog training they perhaps know like what sort of training usually the trainer provides and if he uses the dog training collar which may harm the dog. It won’t be a bad idea if you personally visit the different dog training schools evaluating them before deciding the one for your dog. Ensure that you have discussed all the vital points related to the subject and you are satisfied with the findings.

Select the best dog training schools:

Simultaneously, be sure that the trainer or the school you have selected is providing all the required training as agreed upon. Failing with, just removes your dog from there without any hesitation and looks for the other school that you have selected. You can easily find many such organizations or agencies offering the dog training in every city but just mind it that all of them are not experienced in the subject and you may come across some dummy too who just hype but cannot do anything good.

Actually there are various advantages of going to any of the renowned or reputed and experienced dog training school, as the health of your dog, his wellbeing and behavior are unwavering by the training provided. Moreover, proper obedience training helps to build stronger and intimate bonding between you and your dog.


Dog Training Tips – How To Teach Dog Tricks?

Owning a dog is undoubtedly the wonderful experience and almost all the dog owners would wish to train their dogs with the latest and unique tricks. It has been noticed that many of the dog owners always keep on educating their dogs with inspiring new tricks. For doing it in the better and appropriate way, just try to gather the suggestions made by some experts in the fields as that may help you achieve your goal easily yet quickly.

Systematic methods make fun teaching the dogs and the dogs too would lovingly reciprocate to your command and attempts.  Given below are simple step-by-step guidelines for 3 common moves such as play dead, roll over and flip a treat (there are some more not treated here such as: to stay, to smile, not to bark…)

Play Dead:

This is the pretty old method yet the people love and wonder doing it. It guides the owner like:

  • Use some ideal treat while educating the dog to lie down, hold the treat in front of the dog’s nose when he sits down and then move it down to his paws by uttering ‘down’ command while lowering it. Until the dog obeys the command and lies down, repeat the same exercise.
  • The next move guides you to teach the dog rolling on his back. Hold the treat in front of his nose in one of your hands and gradually move it to about 8 inches in the clockwise revolution making the dog’s upper body portion including his head rotate same as your hand. Simultaneously push on the upper tummy area of your dog with the other hand while at the most instances the dog will attempt rolling over and try grabbing the treat allowing you to scratch his tummy. This process should be repeated until the dog learns this trick then begin using the snack only in spherical motions.
  • The ultimate phase directs the steady evolution from spherical movements to positioning at the dog and utter command like ‘Play dead’. Steadily try to move farther from the dog instead of making spherical movements repeating the same commands every time. Ultimately the dog would roll over dead each time you position treat at him and say ‘Play dead’.


After teaching the dog about the Play dead tricks, you can with no trouble making him over for the rollover trick as it is almost similar. The basic difference is only the change in commanding phrase like instead of ‘Play dead’ you have to use ‘Rollover’ and you are to roll the hand instead of positioning it in dog’s front.

Flip a Treat:

This trick is very easy and at the same time delighting the dog and the owner as well as the spectators around too.

  • Holding below the muzzle of the dog in one of your hands and positioning the treat at the end of dog’s nose with the other hand, steadily move the hands farther while commanding the dog to ‘take it’.
  • The treat may perhaps go tossed over the dog’s head during the initial few attempts. Try to catch it before the dog reaches out to it and repeat the method. Ultimately the dog will manage to learn to grasp the treat midair only.
  • At this very juncture, you are required to teach the dog with ‘hold’ and release commands and not to catch the treat. Now position one of your hands below his muzzle and treat at his nose with the other hand then gaze into his eyes commanding him to ‘hold’ in a gentle yet positive tone.

Then remove your hand from muzzle commanding him to ‘take’ the treat.

How To Teach a Dog To Fetch

Just to have some playful time many dogs obey what their owners command and direct them to do. To do this in an even better way try to reward your dog just for motivating him to learn more and stick to whatever he learns. For this, it is suggested that the owner should work with his dog every day at least for 5 to 10 minutes of training or working with him. Try to make his training fun and ending every episode by rewarding him for his job well done. If you’re tired of it then just leave it and try the same later but don’t ever do it in frustration anyway as it won’t give you any positive results.

Start with what your dog loves:

Start with the object your dog loves the most when you start teaching your dog to fetch. Control the dog with a comparatively longer bridle and order him to sit down. Take the object and just toss it at a reasonable distance from the dog’s position and give him the command to fetch the object permitting him to run after that and grab it. Try to gently draw him back to you once he grabs the tossed object in his mouth. Then by offering him some good treat order him to release the object from his mouth. At this juncture, it is rather significant that your dog should give away the object to you quiet willingly obeying your command.

The retrieving breeds would learn this trick faster and may like to play for an extended period of time. But some typical breeds may not poise to be so willingly doing it and give up their favorite object, so in that case, ensure that they are rewarded energetically through certain expressions of his praise and treats too. Once when the dog brings back to you the tossed object then release his leash permitting him to fetch the object on his own. You can also educate the dog with the names of the different objects and train him advanced.

Teach a Dog To Fetch

Understand Fetching:

Once the dog realizes the notion of fetching the object by its name for instance. If you like that the dog fetches you the newspaper every morning then educate him by throwing the paper initially for a few days. Give him the command of fetching the paper and you will notice that every morning he brings you the paper for getting rewarded.

By laying out 3 or 4 different objects try to give necessary exercise to your dog recognizing the objects by their names and see how smartly he can grasp them by their individual names. Continue such practice repeatedly and while doing so just maintain the pleasant voice and joyful nature. This will enable your dog to understand better and will start fetching all the things precisely that you command.

The 4 P’s comprising of patience, practice, praises, and persistence are the basic necessity while you educate your dog for the tricks like fetching. Every correct move made by the dog while learning has to be properly rewarded like treats for encouraging his attitudes. He should realize that you are happy with his performance and love playing him or devoting your time for him. It will make magic.


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