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Dog Behavior: who has a puppy is the happiest person in the world. He is little, you laugh at the things he does, you give him a lot of attention, but what happens when he gets old? What happens when the little dog becomes a little aggressive, when he wants to protect you, but he cannot because he is a little old? When you want to go with him to do, some jogging and he cannot.

In this situation, many families abandon their dog, because they think that he is not anymore good for their family, just because he is a little old. Old dogs are just like the old man, they need special food, a diet, a lot of care. We will give you some advice to help you take care of your adult dog.

Dog With Behavior Problems

Take Care of an Aging Dog:

The vets support the policy of the scientists, which says that to the dogs, 1 year of the people is seven to the dog. So, if your dog has two human years, has 14 dog years. When a dog becomes old, the visits to the vet must be frequently, for his own health. When a dog is old, the number of calories is lower, because he does not need the number, which a young dog needs, he does not have many activities, he wants to sleep and to eat, as much as he can. His alimentation is balanced, you can give him special food, which you can find to the pet shops, or if you prefer to give him food made in the house, you must avoid the fats and the carbohydrates because they can become a serious problem, the dog will win many pounds.

After the food, the second problem, which appears, is the temperature. Now, he needs to be protected, he is more sensitive, so you must watch out the place where he sleeps, his body loses temperature. You must keep it away from the cold temperature, you must keep him away from the bad weather when it rains, or if he is wet, you must dry him very fast, before if he gets a cold, this will be a big problem. It is very difficult to treat a dog or cat cold, especially when the dog is not anymore so young. Generally, a dog is old when he has 7-8 human years, which means 49-56 dog years. You must also know that the big dogs get old faster than the little dogs.

The need for analysis:

When you go to the vet, you must pay attention to the analysis. The vet will do a urine exam; an EKG analysis and he will examine his heart. He will also make a blood analysis, and he will look after some strange marks on his body, he will verify his fur and his eyes. If the vet notices something strange, he will give you some advice, he will explain to you what is better to do. Normally, if he is sick, the costs will grow considerably, but if you love your pet, this will not be a problem.

Do not forget to go with your pet at least once a year to the vet or if you notice something strange, go as soon as you can, because it is better to go when he is just a little sick.

Dog Behavior

Separation Anxiety In Dogs:

Severance may worry not only human beings but even pets like dogs or cats are found to be worried due to severance or separation. It is advisable for the dog owner to ensure that his dog goes to its preferred place of shelter and sleeps calmly until he returns home. But the dogs that are suffering from the severance anxiety disorder may not be so fortunate. Separation anxiety may be noticed in the dogs that are not appropriately socialized or the dogs that have been shifted from one house to the other or the dogs that are naturally of nervous tendency.

The dog is considered to be the social creature like a human being who greatly depends on its owner for its individual safety or security. The dogs lacking confidence because of the socializing factors, realizing the anticipated behavioral attitudes or probable ill-treatments in the past especially in the case of an adopted dog are more prone to exhibit behaviors associated with the separation anxiety. In fact, even if the owner of the dog moves out of his home say for the shortest period of time for some urgent assignments or even for his job profile, his dog easily gets distressed or bewildered.

Signs Of Separation Anxiety In Dogs:

The dogs suffering from the separation anxiety may just do anything like droning or barking, tearing or scratching the couch or sofa or even eating the duck feathered pillow in the house. It is difficult to realize or ascertain that the dog is passing through the separation anxiety disorder. The precise cause of such state has led to numerous debates until now. Some of the experts believe that lack of proper confidence level in the dogs leads them depending more and more on its owners. In such conditions, the owner has to make his dog realize the fact that he is leaving for a particular period and the dog is staying back home all alone in the safe mode.

In general, the experts state that if the dog is suffering from the separation anxiety disorder, it would exhibit all or part of the following symptoms making you understand their condition:

  • Such a condition usually takes place when the dog has left out alone at home
  • The dog behaves abnormally when it knows about its owner’s departure or when he comes back from his duty or vacation
  • The dog would exhibit uncommon behavioral attitudes when left out alone at the unknown place or home
  • The dog would not eat or drink in distress if its owner is away from him
  • The dog chases its owner consistently wherever he goes

How to deal with separation anxiety in dogs?

Following are some of the vital tactics of solving such abnormal conditions: make the precise departure and arrival routines, making the dog realize that your departure or arrival is not taken to be over excitedly, enable the dog practicing your routines of going and coming off and on. Lots of exercises are the most ideal way of relieving from the stress in both humans as well as dogs. Regular long walking or running or even playing for a few minutes helps the dog coming out of separation anxiety disorder.

Separation Anxiety

Dog Barking Behavior: Sound effect/At nothing/At other dogs…

When and Why Do Dogs Bark?

Howling, barking, growling and yelping are active canine communication means. These sounds have a well-defined role in a pack. Most canines become noisy when confronting an unusual situation or they have an uncomfortable situation going on around them, or they signal an intruder. The stimulus for barking may vary for each particular dog, depending on age, temper, living environment, and many other particularities of the dogs.

Situations that can trigger barking:

· Strangers or other animals entering the dog’s territory;
· Sensing potential prey
· Separation from the mother or other members of the family;
· Unusual sounds, like a car alarm, petards, or other disturbing noise, usually strong and unexpected
· Need for attention, food, or affection
· Other stressful states, anxiety, or neuroses

Yelping is usually a puppy thing they express a state of discomfort. Growling is the way a dog attempts to intimidate a potential aggressor or rival and is usually a warning before the actual attack. Growling can also be the direct result of fear when the dog feels any kind of threat. Every time the doggie reaches its gold by growling or barking, it feels rewarding. Therefore, the barking or the growling will become more and more intense as time goes by or more frequent. Howling, inside a pack represents a call to the hunting with a very important social role, the privilege often belonging to the leader.

For older dogs, medical issues can contribute to the behavior problems that lead to excessive barking or even howling. In certain cases, when the barking is intense, repeated, and impossible to interrupt, the dog may have clinical motivation. Dogs with medical problems, geriatric problems, or disorders of any type need medication and the help of a specialist in behavior issues.



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Preventive Measures

Socialization must be ever since the beginning of the life of the dog. They have to get familiarized with humans, other animals, surroundings and noise, for the purpose of reducing the frequency of problems that may appear as the dog grows. Training program and meals are also very important because the dog must learn to spend its time playing by itself or relaxing so that it will not stress when you are away.

Correcting a Problem: How to stop dog barking at other dogs?

To correct a problem as excessive barking means understanding the stimulus that initiates such a behavior. Your control and your authority over the dog are unmentionable for the dog’s rehabilitation program to be successful. Once you go through the training program, you can teach your dog how to keep quiet when he starts barking. Inside such a program, a dog can learn how to bark and stop barking on command, with the help of treats, submissive techniques, or leash correction.

You should start your work sessions with situations you created, for instance, a member of the family knocking at your door before you move on to more complicated situations. Teaching the dog how to stop barking on command will allow it to bark when an intruder shows up and stop at your request, but it is very important that you reward the dog only when it executes the command.

Dog Barking:  Sound effect

Dog Chewing Behavior: How do I stop my dog from chewing?

If you have a dog, then you already have at least one time this problem: something crunched by your little pet. I have a dog, too, and trust me; she already crunched the furniture and my shoes. Therefore, my first advice is to buy many toys, many different toys because if the dog crunches a toy, you must have one prepared to change it. When you buy the toys, you must think about what kind of toys it likes, if he prefers the balls or something else. If he does not have some toy, she will crunch your shoes, your furniture, or other things of yours. You can change his toys frequently, because if you do not do this, he will be bored and he will look for other new toys, like your personal objects.

Dog Toys For Chewing:

You must give him toys, which are special for dogs, not toys for children or cats or other pets. Our recommendation is to choose especially wool toys because the material is not very strong and does not affect their teeth. You must pay attention to the size because if you choose a little one, more little then a ping-pong ball could be a problem, he can drown, and if it is too big, he can take it in his mouth. Another option is the toys, which look like bones, they are not so dangerous.

Another option is the toys made from string, they help to keep their teeth healthy, and they clean very well their teeth. Normally, the dogs prefer the toys made with silky materials, because they offer the satisfaction to tear something. What big satisfaction! I watch my dog when he steals some clothes from the closet and when he eats them! Take care to the door of your closet!

Common toys:

The most common toy is the ball, and every dog has one. They can play in the house or outside, this is their favorite game because in this mode the keep the contact alive between them and their masters. It is a very funny game, you can also have a lot of fun playing out, in the garden or in the park, you can forget about your problems and you can relax while you give him some attention. If you go every day only 15 minutes in the park with your dog, you will feel much better, Your dog, too.

When you want to make a little surprise to your dog, you should buy many things in the period of holidays, or in the Easter, maybe Christmas because in those periods you can find a lot of options and lot of fancy things for your baby. So, as soon as you can, go to a pet shop and buy many toys for your puppy.

Toys For Dog Chewing

Dog Digging Behavior: How to stop dog digging

Some dogs simply love to dig holes. The reasons they do that are different though. It depends on the breed of the dog and the situation of each of them. It is possible that a dog digs holes just because of deep boredom. If you suspect that is the cause, it means you must pay more attention to the dog, take it out more often am exercise the dog a lot. That will exhaust the dog, and the digging mood will go away.

If you own a male dog, it is possible it started digging in the purpose of reaching a female dog in heat that lives next door. In this case, neutering the dog will fix the problem. If your dog only digs to burry things or just for the sake of the digging itself, in this case, all you can do is arrange a special place in the garden where the dog can do that without damaging the surroundings. Protect the rest of the garden by spraying it with a dog rejection non-toxic substance, inside and around the area where the dog must not dig.

Most dog owners encounter various behavior problems with their dogs. Most of these issues seem funny at first sight, but the owner must teach the dog good manners.

Behavior issues:

If the dog digs holes, try to catch its own tail, rolls in the garbage, etc, but occasionally, that is normal. However, if the dog does all those things on a regular basis, that means there are behavior issues which need a solution.

Behavior issues might be genetic, for example, the Bull Terrier is known to be famous for circling themselves to catch the tail. At first, that might seem funny, but if this habit persists, the dog will end up chasing the tail constantly, will only stop when it is too tired and will go back to doing it as soon as it gets some rest. Behavior problems may appear because of an action known by the dog from the owner, but the dog uses its own way to apply it, and the occasions will be a lot different from a human.

For example, if you teach your dog not to jump or to bark when guests enter your home, and for that, you reward it, in time, the dog will have no reaction when you come home, and that is only to get the biscuit of his reward. This is an example of a simple deviant behavior, but most of the issues are a combination of causes.

What can you do in order to avoid deviant behavior?

The first step is to get your information about the different types of behavior dogs can develop.

Try to impose yourselves by being firm, but not by force nor by aggressiveness.

Find the source of the dog’s behavior, for example, if the dog becomes aggressive when somebody takes away the favorite toy, buys more similar toys, and this way, in time, the dog won’t miss it anymore. In time, it will change its behavior.

The dog must learn to obey every person in the house, all family members, not just one.

The vet must know exactly what type of behavior the dog has because he certainly knows more methods to remove a habit than you do, and the vet can recommend a trainer for difficult cases.

As you know, dogs and wolves behave pretty much the same, so just like inside a wolves pack, the dog must acknowledge that in its family, it is not in command and it must obey the master.


Dog Chasing Behavior: How to stop a dog from chasing Cars?

A dog who is raised for herding (built-in instincts to herd)  may suffer wounds, or even die while chasing the cars, not to mention the fact that they do get very annoying for the drivers. You can control the herding instinct of a dog by training and not by screaming or being aggressive, it won’t work.

First, you need to purchase a lengthy leash, and, very important you must train your canine to heel on command. Get the help of a specialist for that, because the procedure is a bit complicated and the success is guaranteed if you will get help.

Dog Car Chasing:

One way to cut down your dog’s car chasing is to limit the range of chasing cars. Attaching a chain to the dog’s choke collar will prevent them to some extent from chasing down cars that drive by, but you also must make sure that the chain does not yank your dog’s neck. Get into an unfamiliar car if possible and drive by and pop balloons or make some other loud noise that will startle your dog. Because dogs hate loud noises, that may determine it to stop chasing cars in the future. The trick might not work for dogs that chase the cars for exactly that particular reason.

You must also try to avoid keeping your dog on the street if it is a car chaser, so make sure the dog does not feel loose but in a protected area, like a fenced yard. Give your dog plenty of toys, especially noisy ones, so this way your dog will have other noisy objects to chase. Also, give your dog plenty of exercises, this way the dog will have no more energy left to chase cars. You can also engage your dog in other exciting activities. However, if the dog is fenced and space is wide enough, chasing cars from such an enclosed area should not be a problem, on the contrary, that is a healthy exercise for it, and there is a chance your dog might have fun, and at the same time be safe.

Car Chasing

Get special advice:

Whatever method you might use in order to determine your pet to stop chasing cars, the best way is to get special advice first, because, as mentioned above, not all the methods work for all the dogs, so you might turn out surprised if your dog will still like that action, even if you tried the recommended ways. Moreover, you should monitor your dog’s preferences since it is a puppy because if you are patient enough maybe you are able to discover the reason why your dog keeps chasing cars.



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